Taking a boat ride to the main tourist spots in Rio de Janeiro is truly like living a dream!

Here, you will find the perfect boatt enjoy this special moment as a couple, with your family, and with your friends.

The rental of all our boats includes: a sailor, fuel, and cooler with ice.

The boarding point is at Marina da Glória and the itinerary may vary depending on the navigation conditions of the day.

Our boats

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Oceanic 36

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Ilhas Cagarras - Roteiro - Passeio de Lancha - Parasail In Rio

Cagarras Islands

Itaipu - Roteiro - Passeio de Lancha - Parasail In Rio


Praia Adão e Eva - Roteiro - Passeio de Lancha - Parasail In Rio

Adão and Eva Beaches

Praia Vermelha - Roteiro - Passeio de Lancha - Parasail In Rio

Vermelha beach

Urca e Ilha da Laje - Roteiro - Passeio de Lancha - Parasail In Rio

Urca and Forte da Laje

Questions and Answers

1. How do boat trips work?

Our boats are located at Marina da Glória, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. The group will choose: (1) the ideal boat for their trip, (2) the desired duration, and (3) the itinerary to be followed (which will also depend on the navigation conditions of the day).

2. Is the price per person or per boat?

Since our boat trips are private, the price is per boat. We have everything from small boats to larger yachts for onboard parties.

3. What is included?

All our boats include a sailor and fuel. The boats also come with a cooler with ice.

4. Can I use the barbecue grill?

Yes! All our boats are equipped with a barbecue grill. For the group’s convenience, our sailor is responsible for preparing the barbecue. Therefore, we always charge a small fee for its use.

5. How does it work, and what are the hours of operation?

We operate every day, depending on the navigation conditions. The departure times for the trips can be in the early morning, early afternoon, or early evening.

6. How many people can go on the trip?

It depends on the capacity of the chosen boat. We have small boats with more affordable prices for couples, and we also have larger yachts for onboard parties, with a capacity of up to 140 passengers.

7. Is a reservation required?

Yes, we work with reservations. Through it, we reserve the boat for you on that specific day.

8. What are the payment methods?

For boat reservations, the payment methods are cash or credit card.

9. What happens to the reservation in case of rain?

In case of rain and/or bad navigation conditions, the group has the option to reschedule the trip for a new date Or you can request a full refund of the payment made.