Flying on a parasail in Rio de Janeiro is an opportunity to experience the wonderful city from a completely different and unexpected perspective! The boarding point is at Marina da Glória, where we depart by boat and and head towards the most suitable location for the activity based on the day’s wind conditions.

As we open the parachute, the take-off happens slowly and gradually, taking the passenger from 30 to 80 meters high! Moreover, just like the landing, it’s done directly from the boat’s platform, without getting wet!

This is the moment to enjoy all the beautiful and incredible landscapes our city offers. Besides an unforgettable flight, you’ll also delight in a wonderful boat tour! Are you ready for it?

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petisco tatiana
petisco tatiana
Uma das melhores experiências da minha vida!!!
jonathan França
jonathan França
Passei excelente, nota 1000 , irei novamente e quero agradecer aos 2 funcionários que são super educados e super profissionais
Thaina Tamarashi
Thaina Tamarashi
PASSEIO SIMPLESMENTE PERFEITO! Agradecer a todos os colaboradores pelo excelente serviço prestado e esclarecido. Top🥰
Laura Santos Marques Barbosa
Laura Santos Marques Barbosa
experiencia perfeita, atendimento impecável, passeio inesquecível
Cynthia Machado
Cynthia Machado
Tive o prazer de fazer o voo no domingo é simplesmente amei!!! Agradeço muito o cuidado do Vinicius, piloto do barco!! O atendimento de todos é excelente! Vale a pena e eu recomendo!
cristiane cabral
cristiane cabral
Olá meu senti confortável com a tripulação com a equipe com todos estou nos trataram muito bem ( educação e respeitosamente) deixar na vibe o ambiente ainda .. passeio é muito maravilhoso ! Vc sai bem energizada , tempo do voo eh suficiente para tirarmos fotos incríveis e aproveitamos a paisagem !! Nota 10 , aliás 1000 !!! Obrigada equipe
Mariana Fadul
Mariana Fadul
Eu amei essa experiência! Comemorei meu aniversário voando pelo Rio! Equipe maravilhosa e super atenciosa!
Taygra Memoli
Taygra Memoli
Já fiz Duas vezes passeio com eles e é o passeio mais gostoso que já fiz na vida! Teve uma vez que tentamos e não tinha tempo bom pra realizar e eles foram super cautelosos e desmarcaram!! A equipe é incrível e o passeio é surreal!!
Marcelo Moreira
Marcelo Moreira
Passeio muito agradável com uma dose de adrenalina. Equipe muito receptiva!

Questions and Answers

1. Where is the company located?

Our speedboats are located at Marina da Glória, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. We will meet at the main departure pier, in front of the restaurants.

2. How does parasailing work?

After the guidance of one of our instructors, you will wear a life jacket and a harness for parasailing. We open the parachute independently, and that’s when the magic happens. All take-offs and landings are done slowly and gradually. As a result, the flight is smooth and serene. After reaching a certain altitude, you no longer hear the boat’s engine, and you are left only with the sea breeze, enjoying that wonderful and unforgettable sensation.

3. What is the itinerary of the tour?

The itinerary will depend on the wind direction of the day. We depart from Marina da Glória and head towards the best conditions. It may include: Urca, Sugarloaf Mountain, Niterói, Forte da Laje, Museum of Tomorrow, Botafogo Cove, Rio-Niterói Bridge, and much more!

4. Do I need to have experience to fly?

No. The flight is entirely controlled by our pilot on the boat. For parasailing, you just need to come prepared to have a lot of fun!

5. Do you have any clothing recommendations?

Shorts and shirts are ideal. If you want to get a tan on the boat during the tour, bikinis and swim trunks are suitable. In general, the important thing is for you to be as comfortable as possible and wear clothes that can get wet.

6. Is there a minimum age to fly?

We don’t have a specific minimum age, but it’s necessary for the child to fit in the parasail seat. Generally, children from 7 years old can already fly.

7. How high can the parachute reach?

We can go up to 30-80 meters in height. However, we can also fly lower if that’s the passenger’s preference. Just signal our team during the flight, and we’ll adjust accordingly.

8. How long does the activity last?

The entire tour takes around 2 hours, depending on the size of the group, which can be up to 10 passengers. The parasailing flight itself has a standard duration of about 10 minutes.

9. What is included in the tour?

The boat tour and the parasailing flight.

10. Do you offer photo and video packages?

Can I bring my camera? “We rent out our GoPro camera for photos and videos. It is securely attached to the passenger’s wrist during the flight, capturing photos and automatically recording videos. We share these media files via Google Drive. If you already have your own camera, you can bring it without any issues. We can also take photos of the boat with the passenger’s cellphone if that is their preference.

11. Which days can I fly, and at what times?

We operate every day, depending on weather conditions. The hours vary according to the wind forecast for the day. We monitor a website and provide the best flight time to the customer about 3 days before the flight. If the passenger has a preferred time, we will try to accommodate that if the wind conditions are favorable!

12. Is parasailing safe?

The safety of our customers is our priority. We achieve this by respecting the limits of nature, providing the best equipment available on the market, and conducting constant verification and renewal of our equipment. Under no circumstances do we perform flights if weather conditions are not suitable.

13. Are there any restrictions for parasailing?

Yes. The following restrictions apply: (1) pregnant women, (2) individuals with back or heart problems and/or recent surgeries, and (3) those weighing over 120 kg.

14. Is it possible to do a tandem flight (double flight)?

If wind conditions are suitable for a tandem flight, it is possible.

15. Do I need to know how to swim?

No. Takeoff and landing are done on the boat’s platform. Additionally, during the flight, wearing a life jacket is mandatory. Its use on the boat is optional.

16. Is reservation necessary?

Yes. We work with reservations. The available time slots vary according to the wind forecast. Additionally, we may run out of availability.

17. What are the payment options?

Cash or credit card.

18. Is there an option to only go on the boat tour without flying?

Yes. We offer the option to be an observer or companion on the boat. If someone changes their mind and decides to fly at the moment, it’s not a problem.